About Urban Exploration and Jason Lanier

jason lanier about abandoned

Jason Lanier is an award winning photographer and urban explorer who is very experienced in exploring, discovering, and shooting abandoned buildings and places.  Jason’s Urban Exploration has taken him into abandoned mines, hotels, tunnels, homes, sugar mills, amusement parks and more.

Jason always tries to access permission to enter a structure and enters without permission when it is public property, and when there is open access to the facility or structure.  Jason has worked with facilities and restoration groups to help bring awareness to abandoned buildings and movements that need some P.R. to help get their movement on it’s way.

To see videos and pictures from Jason’s other shoots in abandoned places please click on the Playlist below:

He has worked with the owners and management of the Waldo Hotel, Howey Mansion, Lake Shawnee Amusement Park,  Hecla Star Mine, Baton Rouge Sugar Mill and more to capture the current state of these buildings with a few goals in mind:

  1. Capture their current state of disrepair to help garner fundraising efforts to restore the building
  2. Document the current state of the building or structure purely for historical purposes.
  3. Show the world that beauty can reside anywhere, not just in bright and shiny things.

Some things will be lost to time, forever forgotten, unless there are those willing to go and capture them…

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