Jason Lanier is an award winning photographer who has shot in abandoned places and buildings all over the world.  He gets a lot of questions and requests from people who like abandoned places, so much so that he created this website that chronicles his urban exploring, shoots and more.  As Jason travels the globe he often finds himself searching websites of abandoned photography and places to be able to find some amazing locations.  Many times these websites contain missing information, no specific details, or very poor images.

The purpose of this website is to chronicle Jason’s adventures of abandoned places with great photography and useful information.  We hope you find a benefit from this website and thank you for visiting.

As this website was just launched in May of 2014, we encourage you to keep checking back as we will continue to add new content!  If there’s a place you’d like to see Jason chronicle please don’t hesitate to let us know by filling out the Contact Us Page.  Have fun exploring!!



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Anybody know of abandoned places in Arizona that are worth traveling to. I live in Scottsdale and share Jason’s love for abandoned places. I know there are old mining towns, etc, but the only ones I know of have been turned into attractions. I want to find the place that has been abandoned and are still in their raw format.
    I think the abandoned Six Flags would be such an awesome experience to shoot or make a horror movie at.

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